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Kohler Power!

The “Essential Option” is fast becoming AC power on the Inland Waterways. We all like our luxuries and inevitably there comes a point where no matter how big the batteries are, or how efficient the solar panels are, or brilliant the inverter is there just isn’t enough power. Life aboard doesn’t have to be about compromise.

Deciding to fit a generator is an easy decision and it's liberating to be on the water not worrying about when that washing needs to be done or the batteries that need a full charge.
Kohler Generators are the number one choice worldwide for many boat builders and its not just the super yacht builders although we appreciate their wisdom.
Choosing the right generator is as important as is ensuring its installed correctly, make a mistake and you are not going to enjoy the ownership experience and for that matter neither will your neighbours in the marina.

  • Compact and Dependable
  • Low Noise and Vibration
  • Clean and Compliant (Tier III)
  • Industry Leading Five Year Warranty

The 5, 7 and 9kW generators all use the latest Kohler KDW liquid cooled engines for maximum performance.  An advanced injection system in conjunction with a high efficiency combustion significantly lowers emissions and improves the fuel efficiency.
With higher output powers from smaller engines with less moving parts vibration is minimized, this combined with the advanced combustion chamber design which reduces noise means a Kohler won’t invade your privacy. Just for good measure Kohler power the 9kW generator with a four-cylinder engine for extra smoothness.
All generators are supplied as standard with the sound shield, circuit breaker,  remote start panel plus loom and an anti syphon break.

More information and prices on the Kohler Generators is on the website >>

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