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Welcome to Kuranda UK Ltd

Kuranda have been established  since 1990, specialising in diesel heating systems, diesel cookers, electrical equipment and systems for the marine and  mobile industries. We and are also specialists in off grid installations in remote rural areas. Please continue to browse through our site and call us on 01663 734800 if you would like to talk to our Sales & Technical staff.

Horsebox converter fits Wallas XC Duo

Author: Darren GriffithsCreated: 19/04/2016Last Modified: 19/04/2016  
The ever popular Wallas Xc Duo has  recently been fitted to a police horse box by Kevin Parker Horseboxes Ltd. The diesel fired hob is also perfectly situated to provide thermostatically controlled  heating (up to 1.9kW) for the occupants.
Category: News Blog, Heating

2016 London Boat Show

Author: Darren GriffithsCreated: 12/11/2015Last Modified:  
Begin your own journey of discovery at the 2016 London Boat Show. Europe's first Boat Show, now in it's 62nd year will be taking place from 8 - 17 January 2016. This world-renowned event is where adventure starts, pioneers meet and innovation shines. Immerse yourself in the elements and explore a world of boating, the very latest in technology and show-stopping experiences that will really capture your imagination.
Category: News Blog, Boatshows

Southampton Boat Show

Author: Darren GriffithsCreated: 08/09/2014Last Modified: Comments: 0 
Friday 12 September 2014 - Sunday 21 September 2014 PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014 ATTRACTIONS
Category: News Blog, Electrical, Heating, Solar, Boatshows

Not all batteries are created equal

Author: Darren GriffithsCreated: 04/09/2014Last Modified: 04/09/2014Comments: 0 
Not all battery strings and banks are created equal. When using a series string or series/parallel bank to create differing voltages and Ah ratings from individual 12 Volt batteries, we can end up with a variance in terminal voltages on each battery, which causes the batteries to become unbalanced.
Category: News Blog, Electrical

Which solar panel do i need?

Author: Darren GriffithsCreated: 22/08/2014Last Modified: 23/03/2015Comments: 0 
A question we often get asked is "Which solar panel do i need"? A solar panel simply harvests the sun/light and puts it through a charge regulator and then into your battery. This energy is stored so that you can use it to power all of your gadgets onboard.
Category: News Blog, Solar

New MPPT charge controllers

Author: Darren GriffithsCreated: 22/08/2014Last Modified: 22/08/2014Comments: 0 
There are four new models of the ultra-fast BlueSolar charge controller (MPPT) range. The series now comprises eight models, ranging from the BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 up to the new BlueSolar MPPT 150/85.
Category: News Blog, Electrical
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